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Hi Colleen,

There’s a nice circular walk that can be completed from Arrieta. Walk from the beach, along the track towards Mala. At the roundabout, cross and pick up the track up to the dam, continue until you reach the road at the top. Cross over and pick up the footpath along the top of the risco behind the radar station. Bosquecillo is a nice place for a picnic before you start your descent. Take the track down through the forest to Barranco Elvira, as you reach the dirt track, don’t continue into the village, turn right and follow the Malpaso footpath down towards Haria, but looping back up to Tabayesco when you see the right hand turn. Shortly along the road towards Tabayesco, there’s a footpath off to the left, we call this the red spot path, as it has splodges of paint on stones to mark the way. It eventually comes out on the track which leads down through the valley and back to the beach. From memory I think this was just under 25km. You’ve earned a cold beer at the beach bar and a paddle in the sea at the end!