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Ruth M

Our favourites…

Sociedad La Tegala – casual and relaxed, good honest food and local wine. One of our favourites for a no fuss meal.
La Puerta Verde – very tasty food and great menu. Food has always been cooked well, beautifully presented with generous portions.
Tacande – relatively new restaurant on the Plaza in Haria. Lovely visuals into the kitchen and a beautiful menu. The food is a very modern take on traditional flavours and combinations. Really enjoyed the whole atmosphere, delicious food and wine.

Usually our beach days, so we enjoy relaxing at El Chiringuito with some tapas. This is another of our favourites… we love casual.
We enjoy most of the dishes here and the paella is as good as any. Chicken with peppers as a tapa is really good. We do notice when we go that sadly other visitors can get a little angsty as the staff have a system of getting round to everyone and this isn’t always fast enough for some visitors. Our advice would be to sit back and enjoy the views and relax, don’t get too wound up whilst you wait. Once the order is in, the food comes out quickly.

Jojo’s – Restaurante Arepera Jojoto y Millo La Unica
This place has one of the best atmospheres. It has always been buzzing when we’ve been. The staff remember you when you return, remember your drinks order and are always very welcoming. It serves much more than Arepa’s and again, casual, relaxed and no fuss.

La Maresia – I think others have mentioned it too. Not the best view in Orzola but go for a stroll before/after instead because this is a lovely place for some fish and wine!!

La Tasca de Lita – genuinely good pizza and really good home made tiramisu!!! The owners are really lovely.

There’s so much more but that’s enough for now!! Can’t wait to try some of the other suggestions 🙂