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Markus A

G’morning at all, my Name is Markus, and me and my family live in Seevetal, Germany, next door to Hamburg. Excuse my english, i do as best as i can. 🙂

When I was young (haha…) i visited Great Britain several times a year, have seen lot of England, Ireland, especially Scotland, my favourite target and deep in my heart.
When i met my wife, we made motorbike tours to the North Western Highlands.
Then my son was born – we started to look for sunny and warm holidays and ended at Mallorca for the first years.
Four years ago we decided to take a look for another spanish Island and went to Lanzarote – and that’s it! Wow.
Some people say “You see Lanzarote the first time and love it! Or hate it and you never come back.”

We love it. We loved it from the first minute we came out of the airport, we loved it every year again we could spend our holidays and we miss it sitting here in cold Germany waiting for the next possibilty to travel.

A little problem is that my son is getting bored from Lanza. We have seen everything on the Island a 12 year old boy could be interested in. For that reason we went this summer holidays to Tenerife (aaargh, will never do again, sooooo much people, so busy!!!) and we will also make a short trip to the Highlands in a few weeks (my son wants to see by himself why his parents are talking about rain and coldness in relation to Scotland).
So our longing for Lanzarote is bigger than ever before at the moment…

My son is allergic, lives gluten-free and non dairy, so it’s nearly impossible for us to stay in a Hotel. Doesn’t matter, my wife Tanja and me doesn’t like Club Holidays – since i am travelling through the world i rented a house and a car, looked at country and people, tried not to be recognized as a tourist.

At Lanza i finally lost my heart to Tías. Such a lovely town. The last time we had a brilliant Villa near the Ayuntamiento for four weeks, and that was the moment my wife and me really really thought about a place to retire.

Julie, Mike, i read your books years ago (btw, your Lanza website is the best information i’ve seen all my life, it helped us so much), it was soooo brave what you did. I can’t image to emigrate while we still have to work, unfortunately. But it won’t last sooo long. 14 years, maybe. Just 14 times Xmas – it’s not that much… The possibility to search 14 times for the best place at Lanza to stay ’til the end. 🙂

Hope to see you all soon,