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Ian P

We first visited Lanzarote in 2017 and since then we’ve returned, pre Covid, twice every year and every time we discover something or somewhere new. It’s probably the only place where we can both truly relax.
Lanzarote “grabs” people who get the ethos and take the trouble to visit non tourist areas and interact with the local community
Sad to say, but my Spanish is not too good and it is soo easy to fall back into speaking English instead of persevering, however whenever when I try, my efforts are generally well received.
I was a little deflated during our last visit, after my best efforts ( poor Spanish) in a rural shop, right when I thought I’d cracked it… I was asked in perfect English if I wanted a bag for my purchase!
Outside the tourist areas it’s amazing that when you make the effort how people’s attitudes towards you can change!