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Stuart B

I first came to Lanzarote in the late 1980’s early 1990’s and for me it was love at first sight.

I was, back then, a keen semi-pro photographer working on and off for a number of press agencies. When I arrived on the island for the first time, everywhere I looked was a fantastic photograph just waiting to be taken. I had never seen such beautiful light… 24hrs a day!! Architecture, culture, people, the landscape (of course) and the food and wine – what’s not to love about the island?

Since then I’ve come back every year and every year we discover something or somewhere new. It’s probably the only place where we both truly relax.

My wife and I are planning to spend a couple of months on our next visit. I’m planning where and what to photograph already! I’d like to get some good shots of the little lizards on La Graciosa (otherwise known as ‘sneaky little food-thieves… but that’s another story).

We really cannot express how badly we ‘need’ our fix of Lanzarote time – hopefully sooner rather than later.