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Jason L

Hi Mike. Just wondered what the consensus was via other members following the UK’s announcement that the Canary Islands have now gone back onto the quarantine list. At present the FCDO have not warned against travel and therefore insurances that have been taken out that have COVID cover are still valid. However, if the FCDO do advise against travel then this will not cover cover when in Lanzarote, and probably unlikely to find a provider that will cover for both in this scenario. Our insurers do however offer extension to cover FCDO non travel advise and for £3.10! So very affordable. Therefore, this appears to come down to risk of catching COVID in Lanzarote. As at today’s date there are only 69 live cases across the Island, so this appears to me to be very low risk. Is this the general consensus? and are others still coming out and accepting that they will get another COVID test on their return after 5 days? We are due out next Friday until into the New Year but may extend as have heard the UK likely to go into full lockdown following Xmas and New Year from 2nd January!! Surely if following the rules as we have been doing in the UK and adopt those in Lanzarote (as well as the Canadian rules) then the risk of getting COVID is minimal. Interested to know if others are still planning to come out? Stay safe everyone.