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George N

Hi Mike, I read the article on your information web site about antigen tests and was left a little confused.
On reading the following paragraph from the link to the English translation of the new rules I saw what I have pasted below.

“Who can visit Canary Islands?

You can visit the Canary Islands provided you travel from the European Union, from a country in the Schengen area or from a third country with which Spain has reciprocal agreements regarding the acceptance of travellers. These are Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

When planning your return, we always recommend that you check the requirements and recommendations of your country of origin.”

The reason for my confusion is that the UK is an EU member only up to the 31st December 2020 so does this mean that after that date we will NOT be a third country that will be accepted for travel ?