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Judith M

Hi Mike and David
My husband is over 70 years and we are having the same problems David. We have a current annual policy with Saga with cover for 90 days and should we renew they will cover us for Covid 19 but the policy is null and void if we travel against DFCO advice. I have looked at a few other companies who will cover for travel against DFCO advice but this is very much age related, as David you are finding. These policies also do not cover you for Covid 19. This insurance problem must be affecting many older visitors to the Canary Islands and in the winter months the numbers visiting in this category must be huge especially those who have extended stays not just a couple of weeks holiday. We also have the added problem of the UK leaving the European Union so in the New Year we will not benefit from reciprocal medical treatment either. It is a bit of a nightmare!! We have booked our flights and just have to hope the DFCO changes it’s restriction. I do think the Canarian Government should be doing everything in it’s power to get restrictions lifted now. It appears that we can travel to Madeira, but not to mainland Portugal, so why cannot the Canaries be treated the same?